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Daymaker empowers individuals to lift up those in need through an experience that is simple, transparent, and relatable. In just a few clicks, match with a child in need in your community, and support them through special product purchases over the course of the year.

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Yearmaker: Built for kids of all ages

“A do-gooder mashup between Facebook and Amazon” - Fast Company

While Daymaker was created around the belief that kids who give become adults who give, we’ve expanded to celebrate every kid at heart. Our completely online platform enables you to give real gifts to real kids without the hassle of stepping into a store. Now with Yearmaker, you can support your buddy for the entire year with the same ease and affordability!

How does Daymaker work?

The Kids We Serve

We partner with 50+ nonprofit organizations doing incredible work in high-poverty/high-trauma communities. Our partners provide Daymaker with descriptions, curated wish lists, and specific needs for the children in their day-to-day programming relevant to the time of year.

The Giving Experience

Employees visit their company page to read descriptions of local children who could use tangible resources. Upon finding a story (or stories!) that resonates, the giver selects 1-4 gifts from the child’s wish list. In just a few clicks, the employee can send these items using our secure checkout and track them as they’re shipped, delivered, and gifted.

The Journey Beyond

All of the giving is tracked on the company’s collective page, and employees are able to see the impact of their cumulative generosity. Throughout one’s interaction on the platform, Daymaker aims to facilitate an experience that helps employees feel both the impact on self and the impact on those they helped.

Real gifts to real kids

We work very closely with the local chapters of high impact 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that serve children and families in their communities and understand the unique needs in those communities.

"This type of kindness and giving will always be remembered. It's made a tremendous impact with our children and families."

Rosa, Volunteers of America

"Most of these children have a history of trauma and have difficulty enjoying the holiday season as a result. It is truly a gift these children that there is a network of people that care"

Erin McKay, Dare Family Services

The research shows that doing small acts of kindness for others makes people happy
...and happiness makes people kind.

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