Sharing the Good of Giving

We believe in the impact on self, on others, and on our planet when giving happens from a place of love.

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What is Daymaker?

Daymaker is here to energize love in our world by facilitating acts of giving and service for employees and their companies. Our present platform enables givers to read about specific under-resourced children in their community and buy them real items from a uniquely tailored wish list. Through this experience, we hope to bring givers closer to those they are serving, closer to those around them, and inspire them to explore the feelings of depth, aliveness, and connection accessible through giving.

How does Daymaker work?

The Kids We Serve

We partner with 50+ nonprofit organizations doing incredible work in high-poverty/high-trauma communities. Our partners provide Daymaker with descriptions, curated wish lists, and specific needs for the children in their day-to-day programming relevant to the time of year.

The Giving Experience

Employees visit their company page to read descriptions of local children who could use tangible resources. Upon finding a story (or stories!) that resonates, the giver selects 1-4 gifts from the child’s wish list. In just a few clicks, the employee can send these items using our secure checkout and track them as they’re shipped, delivered, and gifted.

The Journey Beyond

All of the giving is tracked on the company’s collective page, and employees are able to see the impact of their cumulative generosity. Throughout one’s interaction on the platform, Daymaker aims to facilitate an experience that helps employees feel both the impact on self and the impact on those they helped.

Why Daymaker in the here and now?

We will be the first to acknowledge how empty giving can feel. Done without an intention to bring us closer, giving can actually leave us feeling more disconnected from those around us and from ourselves. We want to invite people into a new way of seeing and feeling those they are giving to and their own motivations in doing so. We want those receiving to feel intrinsically loved and cared about--beyond solely the act of providing a backpack or a special gift to a child. We want to rehumanize giving from the foundation up.

We are inspired by the quote from Australian Indigenous Activist, Lilla Watson:

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Work With Us