“Daymaker” and “{{organization}}”

We’re so excited to be partnering in efforts to make sure all kids, regardless of circumstance, feel special and celebrated. The below outline and nonbinding agreement aims to clarify the expectations of both parties and ensure that donations made in good faith are a part of a consistent and transparent experience.

Daymaker provides a meaningful giving experience to those who want to help celebrate a child who would otherwise go without. Daymaker will:

  • Maintain privacy through the randomization of recipient names
  • Provide up-to-date information of donations made and intended recipient.
  • Curate lists of meaningful, empowering potential wish list items
  • Give partners control of how their organization is represented (in recipient descriptions, organization pages, logos, etc.)
  • Provide note materials in order for recipients to express their special day.
  • Generate receipts for donors that reflects the gifts purchased and donated to a child from organization.
  • Expose donors young and old to the powerful work our partners are doing.

{{organization}}, in signing this document, acknowledges the following expectations when using the Daymaker platform. {{organization}} will:

  • Ensure accuracy of information uploaded to the Daymaker platform
  • Provide substantive descriptions of each child that will resonate with donors.
  • Mark gifts as received on the admin portal in a timely manner.
  • Celebrate those that do receive gifts in a way that is tactful and meaningful.
  • Provide each recipient with opportunity to express their special day through words/drawing on the note provided by Daymaker
  • Share the giving opportunity with donors/supporters of your organization.

I, on behalf of {{organization}}, in signing this document, acknowledge the above agreement and can’t wait to start celebrating the kids I/we serve with meaningful and empowering gifts.