About St. Mary's Home for Children

EIN: 05-0213340

Our mission is to create an environment of healing and hope for those we serve. Children and families are empowered to develop healthy, trusting relationships. Through an array of residential and community based services, we create effective, lasting partnerships that enable children and adults to lead fulfilling lives. St. Mary’s Home for Children has a rich history of serving children of the State of Rhode Island. From its beginnings as an orphanage in 1877, St. Mary’s has addressed the social, therapeutic and mental health issues of children. Proudly, we have evolved into the area’s most comprehensive treatment program for children who have been affected by abuse and neglect, exhibit extreme behavioral issues or experience psychiatric problems usually due to trauma they have endured. Children (girls 6-18, boys 6-13) are treated in our residential program and campus special education school. We also serve an out-patient population for sexual abuse assessment, counseling and family therapy (3 years of age and up) and offer a number of community-based services that support at-risk families, adoptive and foster families and young victims of human trafficking.


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